"Goldin Years: A Tribute to Frances Goldin"

book coverThis book was done as a tribute to my mother for her 80th birthday. The beginning section is a brief bio, compiled from several interviews I taped about her life. I also included tributes from her friends and family; the excerpt below is from her sister.

Goldin Years: Ann's Tribute (pdf)



"Ann & Ira Marks: A Legacy of Love"

"Ann and Ira Marks: A Legacy of Love" is the story of a couple married for over 50 years, told in interviews and photos.

Timeline and Family Tree (pdf)

Excerpts from Ann's Chapter (pdf)

Excerpts from Ann and Ira's Story (pdf)


"Happy 21st Birthday, Morris"

This is an example of a do-it-yourself book from an online site. It was a gift for my son on his 21st birthday. I included a brief introduction about him, scanned in a bunch of his schoolwork and artwork from elementary school, and tons of photos. I also included a section with tributes from family and friends.

Doctor's visit (pdf)

I Have a Dream (pdf)

Kids Should Eat in Class (pdf)

My Most Precious Possession pdf)

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