In addition to life story books, there are many
other possibilities for preserving your memories.


An ethical will is a tangible document that records your values, beliefs, and hopes for the future. This is a non-legal document, but it is an excellent way of preserving your personal statement to be passed on to those you love.




A tribute to a specific person or event records a very special happening.


Consider having close family members or friends contribute their well-wishes to the recipient. I can help you organize this and tailor it to your needs.

A theme-based memoir or special-occasion booklet is a smaller project and takes less time.

For example, consider documenting a wedding, a graduation, a pregnancy, or an adoption.





A simple family tree is a lovely addition to any life story book. I can give you templates to be filled in or you can create your own.

Sally Goldin, Personal Historian
(415) 337-1629

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