How do you go about creating a personal memoir?

You and I meet to get to know each other and talk about ideas for creating your life story book, a collection of your stories and photos bound into a beautiful book.


In subsequent sessions, I will tape record your stories. We can take as much time as you need,  and you decide what to talk about and how to present it. When appropriate, I may ask questions that are reflective of your story. 


Photographs, copies of old letters or journals, or other keepsakes, are a wonderful addition to your life story. These items can be reproduced and included in the book.


I will transcribe the recorded interviews and prepare a draft for you to approve or adjust.


You will receive your custom-designed book and audio tapes, a timeless treasure to keep your words and voice alive for years to come.

 Sally Goldin, Personal Historian
(415) 337-1629



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