Why Tell Your Story?

When my parents received their beautiful and professionally done life story book, their eyes were wet with tears! Choosing pictures, recording their memories, and then pouring over the books together brought our entire family closer than ever. I especially remember the pride in my mother's face when she first received her personal history...it helped her to see and appreciate all the varied accomplishments of her life in a new way, and it made her feel very special. That was priceless!

Ellen Marks
Talent, Oregon


My son, Morris, used to say,
"Mom, tell me a story about
when you were little."

Nothing was too commonplace
to be interesting to him,
no detail was too insignificant.

These were his favorite stories,
told over and over again.

What will Morris remember about
visiting Arrow Park Lake
with his grandmother and me?

I wonder who will hear his stories...


The time I got up at 5:00 a.m.
to go fishing with my father.

The tale of Finian P. Rainbow,
my first parakeet, who never talked.

I recall my grandpa's stories of
"life in the old country", but how I wish
I had recorded them when he was alive.

Sally Goldin, Personal Historian
(415) 337-1629

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